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A Catholic School and a Synagogue are located across the road from each other in St Louis Park. Students walk across the road for some services. The Rabbi sometimes teaches in the school. This year the two organisations ran “The Common Sound Music Festival.” 700 people attended.

“This was such a fun endeavor and we love being able to send an important message of unity to the community at-large.”

Lesson: Sometimes collaborating with an unlikely neighbour is better than doing your “own thing.” It is one thing to teach students about community and unity but another to demonstrate it.

Learn more:

Common Sound Music Festival https://www.bsmschool.org/common-sound-music-festival

St. Louis Park synagogue, Catholic school come together for a 'common sound' http://www.startribune.com/st-louis-park-synagogue-catholic-school-come-together-for-a-common-sound/485623901/