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In March this year Ben Williams, Community Development Officer at Bayside Christian College purchased the 60 question School Appearance Audit pdf. This week he contacted me with the results.

"Thank you for your School Appearance Audit - it was well worth purchasing! The Audit question that stood out to me most was, "Are there signs on buildings to indicate their function e.g. Art Block?" With the Audit in hand, I stood in the main car park and realised just how confusing our site must be to first-time visitors. So we set about putting functional signs on all of the buildings you could see from the main car park. Attached are the results! We have received such positive feedback from people, not just on the utility of the signs, but on their aesthetics too - the imagery aligns with the style of our website.

Feel free to share our story more broadly should you wish to promote your School Appearance Audit because it's done fabulous things for our school!"

Well done Ben and team.

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Lesson: Signs help tell a story to your visitors. On a recent school visit I looked for Visitor Parking. There was none. I looked for clear signage to the School Office. It was small. Put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor and try visiting your school. You may be surprised.

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