PURPLE POWER for memorable school marketing

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A book for market-oriented schools that talks about marketing strategies, modern communication technologies, market research for decision-making, finding money for marketing and ways to develop whole-school commitiment.

In over thirty chapters the author outlines issues and solutions that will help your school become more competitive and aware of marketing and public relations. There are chapters with advice on how to make school marketing your career with guidance on the nitty gritty of marketing yourself, being approachable, managing time, starting a conversation, making wise use of compliments, and advancing the cause of marketing in the face of resistance.

You’ll explore the health of your school’s current reputation, find ways to measure customer satisfaction, discover why some parents quit your school, lean how to attract and work with volunteers, and uncover ways to work with staff and student school ambassadors. You’ll discover how to best organise and run school events – such as anniversaries, expos, grandparents’ days, orientation days and school tours. And there’s insightful material on marketing metrics, websites marketing, getting creative, developing marketing plans and style guides, budgeting – and even how to make your school smell sweeter!

Linda says: ‘It’s time for your school to board the marketing bus – because everybody needs to be travelling in the same direction’. And I say, if your school needs a road map for that journey, then Purple Power will show you the way.

And, yes, my fingertips are now purple!

ISBN 978-0-9585237-5-2

Published 2008

Review by Lynette Butler, Catherine McAuley, Westmead

I grinned widely when I first saw the cover of this book. I was captivated immediately. The impact told me I was going on a journey, full of purpose and humour, but minus the pretension and jargon often associated with publications on marketing.

The book will find resonance with all groups across the education sector - principals, teachers, office staff, student, parents and volunteers. The information targets all schools from the poorly-resourced to the well-to-do.

I particularly liked the chapter on identifying the soul of the school and ways for the whole school community to articulate this value and give it depth and meaning. This chapter challenges schools to find and sell their core value.

Creative design by Lynette Eggins, great photos, lots of students, interesting case studies, and examples from real schools, contribute to a lively, readable travel guide for the journey to Marketing.

Review by Jarvis Finger, Executive Editor, The Australian Educational Leader

Linda Vining has a well-deserved reputation as an authority on marketing schools, and her latest offering, her new book, Purple Power continues to offer much to the burgeoning field.

Why Purple Power?

Linda believes that colour has a profound effect on our lives and emotions – and that the colour purple plays a special role in her life and career, which she reveals in the book.

She says that thousands of people trained by her in school marketing have been sprinkled with her purple dust and that by reading this book you will also be sprinkled with purple dust. Her challenge is: ‘at the end of the book take a look at your fingertips!’

There's no doubt, it’s a fun book.

What marks Linda’s approach to school marketing is her hands-on, practical focus on the subject. This is why her books and courses prove to be so popular with educators. And which is why Purple Power is an interactive book full of reader activities, top tips and a wealth of practical advice, strategies and inspiration.

If yours is a market-oriented school – as it will need to be in today’s fiercely competitive educational environment – then you’ll need a copy of Purple Power.