The School Communication Audit

$45.00 (AUD)

Includes tax.

First impressions count. Look like the school you want to be!

It’s time to take a tour of your school communication. Is your communication consistent with the image you are wanting to project to your school?

Creating a Style Guide provides a well-defined framework that shows the correct application of the school’s brand elements.

This 31 question checklist will help you identify if your school’s brand elements are integrated across your printed documents, website, emails, signage and uniform.

Includes a PDF of The School Style Guide (valued at $32)!!!

How to use this audit?

Rate each question with a 3 for a clear ‘Yes’, down to a zero for ‘No.’ Some aspects of this Audit are deliberately generic. If the question does not apply to your school communication select ‘not applicable’ (n/a). Other questions may simply raise ideas for your consideration.

Record any recommendations, or allocate responsibilities, below each section.

Add up your scores. Repeating the Audit will help you keep track of overall changes over time.

Tips to make the most of the audit:

  1. Collect an assortment of printed material from the list
  2. Write down your recommendations and what needs to be changed
  3. Allocate tasks, and timeframes, to those responsible for improvements
  4. Create a Style Guide to project a strong and instantly recognised identity for your school
  5. Follow up with a repeat audit in 6 to 12 months

A PDF of Your School Communication Audit is $45 or 3 Audits for $120.