ISBN 0 9585 237 1 1
Published 2003

Smart Ideas for School Marketers


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Linda's writings and presentations are inspiring and entertaining, full of practical strategies and leading-edge information. In these pages she shares her personal philosophies, creative ideas and clever tactics. This book will improve your results, your career and your relationship with others.

Reviewed by Dennis Sleigh, Principal St Peter and St Paul School, ACT

At the outset I must admit I’m weak-willed. I lack the ability to say “no more”. For that reason, Linda Vining’s latest book is a very dangerous production.

I have tried to read one or two of her witty and succinct ideas on school marketing – and ten minutes later I am still saying “I’ll read just one more!”

If you find yourself in the same position, don’t buy this book.

Instead, get someone to buy it for you and then have them send you an idea or two a day. I can assure you that if you do, you will have more time to implement her refreshing ideas, and every day you’ll have something to look forward to.

What exactly is this monstrous thief of time? What terrible creation has Australia’s leading school marketing guru launched upon her readers now? Readers used to Linda’s earlier works will know she delivers two special gifts: practical ideas, clearly presented. This book maintains her reputation.

Smart Ideas for School Marketers is a collection of 128 ideas written to attract attention and to guide busy school marketers through tricky situations. Take her advice (item 90) on ethics: if we want to respect and promote our profession, we must guard the following ethics: marketing must be honest – loss of faith quickly arises when a school makes promises it cannot keep and the promotion of a school should never be at the expense (or ridicule) of another school or school system.

The suggestions range over a huge area: from netiquette to cultivating goodwill; from using business cards wisely to recognising the value of volunteers; from building links with feeder schools to keeping your promises. A very clear index will help you to find again those pages you want to revisit, and each of the ideas is brief enough to allow you to read it and consider it during the day – as long as you are strong enough to put down the book!

A good read, for a growing market – at a reasonable price!