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Working with Volunteers in Schools


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A vast pool of potential volunteers exist within your school community. Their expertise and time can greatly enhance your school. However, to keep a team of volunteers returning week after week by choice, is not done by chance. This little, easy-to-read book gives a formula for effectively managing volunteers to get the very best out of their gift of time.

Book Review by Pat Southgate, Reviews Editor, Education Australia

"This comprehensive fifty page publication covers all aspects of volunteer management and commitment, from why people volunteer, to problems encountered with volunteers, the creation of a code of conduct, legal issues, motivation, job descriptions, coordination and appreciation... It is clear, concise and well presented, setting out the pertinent points in each topic in a double page format which should prove invaluable to busy managers. She also provides a ready-made checklist which could be used to evaluate the volunteer program, as well as a survey form to ascertain existing levels of volunteer satisfaction.

The book is profusely illustrated with positive images and, as such, is a great encouragement to anyone thinking of involving themselves with volunteers... Highly recommended."