Why Survey Your School Community?

Stop guessing. Start asking. The Centre for Marketing Schools offers a menu of affordable school surveys:

  • Current Parent Survey
  • General Student Survey
  • Primary to Secondary Transition Student Survey
  • Middle School Student Survey (ages 11-14 years)
  • Kindergarten Parent Survey
  • Staff Survey
  • Year 12 Student Exit Survey
  • Year 12 Parent Exit Survey
  • Family Exit Survey

Variations are available for Boarding schools. Download the brochure >

School Satisfaction Surveys Brochure School Satisfaction Surveys Brochure (199 KB)

It's easy to view your school through your own eyes and think you are doing a great job, but looking through the students’ eye will often reflect another picture. The Student Satisfaction Surveys asks students how they feel about their school. Deep emotions sometimes come out, such as the following worrying comment by a Year 12 girl . . .

“The Awards System is poor and needs review. Awards go to the same students over and over. I tried my best and achieved many great things yet I was never recognised.”

Feelings like this can leave an unhealthy mental scar and undermine any school marketing you are doing. What do your students really think about your school? What will they tell others? Stop guessing. Start asking!

The Centre for Marketing Schools has developed survey tools to measure student, parent and staff satisfaction levels and providing benchmark data. The Centre for Marketing Schools Satisfaction Index is a five point scale derived from numeric data in the survey.

  • 1.0 to 1.9 = Very high level of satisfaction
  • 2.0 to 2.5 = High level of satisfaction
  • 2.5 to 3.0 = Satisfied, but with concerns
  • 3.0 to 3.5 = Not happy with the school
  • Greater than 3.5 = Seriously low level of satisfaction

There are some interesting feedback from surveys such as these...

  • Teachers should think and act outside the square
  • The prefect selection system needs an overhaul
  • Community service should be encouraged more
  • The school should teach girls about body image

In analysing a parent survey, one school received a Satisfaction Index of 2.34. This is a good result and indicates a High Level of Satisfaction, but the principal was not content with this. He wanted to achieve a Very High Level of Satisfaction. So, he examined each question in the survey and pinpointed areas for improvement and took this data to the school board and staff for discussion. The findings prompted the school to introduce change.

End of year school satisfaction survey

As your school enters the final term of each school year, do you think about your market research? Are you preparing your end-of-year surveys to measure customer satisfaction? This includes your students, parents and staff. Centre for Marketing Schools completed a Year 6 Survey for a school. Below are some of the revealing messages that came out, which should be considered for the future.

Overall, students made positive responses about the quality of their education, teacher/student relationships and pastoral care, but there were 5 areas where the school needs to pay particular attention . . .

  • 16% of students felt they could be extended more in their work
  • 11% believed teachers did not treat them as mature and responsible
  • 22% said they did not feel fit and healthy
  • 13% wanted clearer instructions about assignments

And very importantly . . .

  • 27% did not feel they were adequately prepared for high school.

If the parents at your school were asked the following 5 questions, how would their impressions compare with parents at other schools?

  • Does the school use progressive teaching methods?
  • Do you feel welcome at the school?
  • Are you well-informed about your child’s progress?
  • Are office staff pleasant and helpful?
  • Are lines of communication between home and school effective?