Parent Survey

School Satisfaction Parent Survey

Any point in a child's schooling is an ideal time for the school to conduct a Parent Survey. Whilst there are significant points of a child's school life where Parents can be surveyed (including Year 12, the Transition from Primary to Middle/Secondary School and the end of Kindergarten), this parent survey is a general survey, suitable to be conducted at any time in a child's schooling.

Parents talk, and if a parent is happy with the school, they will communicate that in a myriad of conversations, from the lady at the supermarket checkout, to the hairdresser, to the friend over coffee. The same goes for a parent who is unhappy with the school. Often parents don't approach the school when they are unhappy. They tend to talk to others about the situation, and then make a decision to leave.

A Parent Survey can give the school a feel for the strengths of the school, and the areas that need to be improved. It also gives the parent the opportunity to be heard if there are any issues that are of concern. The fact that the survey is anonymous does mean that specific issues won't necessarily be addressed, but at least if the school is aware of them, and there is a negative trend, they can look at addressing the trend.

Take a look at a SAMPLE parent survey at the following link: Online School Satisfaction Parent Survey

Note: A Boarding School Parent Survey is also available.

There is also a Parent Survey for Year 12 School Leavers on the Year 12 Survey page.