Kindergarten Surveys

School Satisfaction Survey for Kindergarten Parents

New parents talk. Parents with children in the first year of school can have a significant influence on your school's future. Why? They are often in more contact with other parents of young children considering schools. You want to know what they are thinking!

When young children start school Grandparents will want news. Aunties and Uncles will likely take more interest. Family friends and neighbours will ask how they are going at school. Surveying new parents in the first year of school is essential.

The Kindergarten Survey can be supplied in both print and online. We encourage the combination to cater for a wider range of parent preferences.

Take a look at the type of questions on the Online Kindergarten Survey Sample

Around Australia the first year of formal schooling is called many things. The list below gives the most common terms. Internationally the list is even longer. We can edit the survey to suit your local name.

  • ACT - Kindergarten
  • NSW - Kindergarten
  • NT – Transition
  • Qld – Preparatory
  • SA - Reception
  • Tas – Preparatory
  • Vic - Preparatory
  • WA - Pre-primary

From previous kindergarten surveys analysed by Centre for Marketing Schools, families say that the information sources that influenced their decision were:

  • Neighbours, friends, family = 72%
  • Expo/open day = 31%
  • Signage on school = 25%
  • Website = 16%
  • Local newspapers = 11%
  • Preschool noticeboard = 9%

Now is the time to arrange a Kindergarten Survey of your families.