Year 12 Survey

School Satisfaction Year 12 Survey

The Centre for Marketing Schools Year 12 Survey ask students over 80 questions to explore a wide range of issues including their thoughts on student leadership, staff/student relationships and academic approaches. We ask if they would recommend the school to others? Have they had a good experience at the school? Do they feel well-prepared to take the next step? Free text comments ask students if the school could have better met their needs, and how? All this in a simple 10 minute survey.

Market-oriented schools are continually seeking reliable feedback. If you want honest appraisal from your most influential customers, ask them now before they fly the coop. You can never go back and gather this priceless data.

Take a look at the type of questions and they survey layout on Online Survey for Year 12 Students Sample

This survey is also available to those Year 12 school leavers who have been boarders at a Boarding College.

School Satisfaction Year 12 Survey for Parents

Having a child leave school is a significant moment, not only for the child, but for the parents! Surveying parents of Year 12 students gives the school a pivotal moment to capture a summary of the parents' experiences at the school. The Year 12 Parent Survey is a reasonably short survey, but will contain important information on the parent's view of the school, the staff and the experience their child has had at the school in the senior years.

The Year 12 Survey for Parents can be supplied in both print and online. We encourage the combination to cater for a wider range of parent preferences.

Take a look at the type of questions on the Online Parent Survey of Year 12 School Leaver Sample

Early in Term 3 would be an ideal time to consider providing a Survey to parents of Year 12 students, as they leave school at the end of Term 3, in preparation for their final exams.