Year 6 Survey

School Satisfaction Year 6 Survey

Surveying the Parents of Students Transitioning from Primary to Secondary / Middle School

The transition point between Primary School and Secondary School / Middle School is a significant moment to survey a family. Even if a child is remaining at the school, it is possible that the Primary School and Secondary/Middle School experience will be different. By surveying families at the close of Primary School, you can capture a snapshot of their experiences. If the child is leaving the school at this point, you can discover why, so it can act as an Exit Survey also.

Take a look at a sample of some of the questions included in the Online Transition Primary to Secondary School Survey

Surveying Students in Middle School

Centre for Marketing Schools also has available a survey for Middle School students. Middle School is a time of transition and a great opportunity to touch base with the students at this point in their schooling.

See a sample of the survey questions and layout at the Online Middle School Student Survey